How Stock wood is Graded

First, we divide the various popular woods into two categories:
Black Walnut Family: The black walnut family includes Claro Walnut, American Black Walnut (Eastern Black Walnut), and other walnut woods, which have brown heartwood with light sapwood ring. Priced the same are other stock woods which include Myrtle wood, Maple, and Birch.
English Walnut Family: The English walnut family of woods- including all the various names applied to English "thin shell" walnut such as "French Walnut", "Circassian Walnut", or "Italian Walnut". "Bastogne" walnuts (hybrid cross-pollinated walnuts) are included in this group and likewise priced the same.

Grading Plain and Fancy Wood
We use 4 grades of plain and 5 grades of fancy wood.

Plain Grade Wood
Low Utility Grade: Refers to gunstocks with serious defects, major repairs, or severe blemishes. This grade can be used for Camouflage treated stocks, used for making patterns, used by novices learning the stocking trade, etc.
Utility Grade: Refers to a gunstock with very minor imperfections. This would include perhaps some sapwood (light wood), or minor blemish which has been professionally repaired so as to not be noticeable once the stock is finished.
Plain Grade: Refers to stocks that are Blemish Free- sturdy, good grain flow, may have some sapwood, no blemishes.
Select Plain: Best of the plain wood. This grade has exceptional density, grain flow, mineral streak or nice color contrast, and perhaps some amount of fancy figure.

Fancy Grade Wood
We use 5 numbered grades, with #5 (semi-Fancy) being the lowest fancy grade and #4 (moderately Fancy) being the next higher grade. We consider our #3 grade (Medium Fancy) to be the equivalent of what is sometimes called A Grade Fancy. Our #2 (Extra Fancy) corresponds to AA Grade Fancy, and our #1 corresponds to AAA Grade Fancy. Our Exhibition Grade wood is the top of the line. This is the wood that far exceeds all other wood that we carry and is individually priced.
Please notice in the following illustrations the difference in the various woods. Fancy Black Walnut is graded according to the amount of fancy figure in the wood, while upper grade English Walnut is graded according to the amount of mineral streaking found in the wood. In all cases the higher the grade the greater the amount of fancy figure or streaking found in the wood.

Click The Stock Grade For More Information. *New!*

Click The Stock Grade For More Information. *New!*

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